Friday, February 3, 2012


Inspired by a close friend's story -

Someone cut me
Cut right through the bone
Left me alone
Can’t stand on my own

I let him see
Everything inside
Scars I survived
Because we entwined

He just smiled
I thought I was safe
He came, a wraith
To my secret place

He destroyed all
I had a bubble
With hopes, no trouble
He left me rubble

Broken and lost
I could not stop tears
No time, just years
I ran from my fears

How long I fled
Couldn’t catch a breath
The pain was fresh
Each step was a test

Then, I stopped
It’s not who I am
To crack like a dam
To run bedlam

Inhale, Exhale
Before him, I lived
With dreams, a kid
I pulled back the lid

Healing is pain
I oft thought of him
His grin broke limbs
But can’t make me dim

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