Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Normality Reality Morality

Sometimes, I think I over think things. Even the simplest ideas will be disassembled into their composite parts in my mind until I am left with nothing but a discombobulated blips of consciousness. This is especially true when it comes to life. One thing about not holding to one religion is that you miss out on that moral compass. You have to find your own. Sometimes what you find is happy and blissful. Other times it's not as great.

However, what I've come to the conclusion of is that life is simply what you make it. It doesn't have any inherent purpose (or even worth), it's solely what you pursue and decide what matters. Each person's perception of life is different, meaning that reality exists differently for each person. There is no absolute, only relative positions. (Side note: in this month's issue of Discover magazine there's an interesting article about a physicist who is out to disprove Einstein. One of his tenets is there is no absolute background for space. Instead, things can only be measured with respect to each other. Using this idea, he's re-proved Newton's Laws. So, maybe this 'everything is relative' theory holds in many instances).

Morality and Normality are entwined
Close as lovers
What is good is wonted
And we want what is good

They talk of good and bad
As if there was some external measure
But we have only our brains
Cells, cultured in culture

Some argue, what is good
Is good for all
or most people
or them alone

But what is it that is good?
A full belly?
A whole heart?
A feeling of contentment?

Wires and chemicals could give you that
Enough Loritab and Valium
To block out bad thoughts
Is that good?

Or what about someone
Giving you a path to goodness
Telling you this or that is good
Giving you a messiah to reach for

Is that good?
Even if they tell you lies
A smile is a smile
When you look down from nirvana

Morality is a lie
Reality is a lie
Neurons fire to whisper secrets
Only we can hear

For when it comes down to it all
We don’t search for truth
None exists
We search for succor

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