Thursday, February 2, 2012

High Flying

Above, a limitless sky
Like a kite, I want to fly

Twisting,twirling, trailing down
A cord holds me to the ground

Tied so tight and tied so firm
Its cause I cannot discern

So, wind curses my idle
Its pounding waves so tidal

Rhythmic as a sine function
Set to balk at my gumption

That infinitesimal line
Tugs away from stars that shine

What holds my tail, I then see
A child that looks like me

Shy and scared to take a step
Past what can only be leapt

Worries and doubts hold us strong
With new eyes, I see they’re wrong

We need not grip to the ground
Its through risks that life is found

With courage and bravery,
We break through self-slavery

She lets go, and I fly high
The wind blows me far and nigh

But, I don’t fly for the wind
Who oft shrieked but never grinned

I fly for the girl below
Set me free by letting go

I fly for clouds I’ll tickle
For the nocturnal sickle

I fly for the sights I’ll see
But mostly, I fly for me

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