Friday, March 23, 2012


It is often difficult to fuse multiple passions as it is difficult to combine multiple codes of ethics. In biochemistry, you'll probably end up using enzymes from bovine pancreas or other animals sources, even if you're a vegetarian. If you wish to do medical research, you know many rats will probably die in searching for a cure. However, you also know that by doing so, you might be able to save many human lives.

Someone was talking to me about research in her lab. She was required to sacrifice mice, but she said she always gassed the mice in pairs as they were less stressed that way. She noted that earlier that week, such a pair comforted each other in licks and cuddling. It brought to mind that, no matter what side of the animal testing debate you stand on, we must all agree that these animals provide for us a tremendous service.

This is to those two mice who embraced in their last moments.

Trapped in death, they touch
Nose to nose, paw to paw
As Grim takes its clutch
Together, lost in awe

Nuzzling close
Hearts beat as one
Their pulse slows
Hopes lost to none

Eyes meet

Chests lie still
Blanketed hush
Painless kill
And brains to rush

Without defiance
Two humble little mice
Given to science
Donate lives on ice

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