Monday, March 26, 2012

Can you hear me?

Can you hear me drowning
When I’m feeling so weak?
When I just smile through
The tear stains on my cheek?

Can you hear me gasping
When I can find no air?
When I wear my red hat
To hide my pulled out hair?

Can you hear me screaming
Into the empty space?
When I laugh when I have
No happiness to face?

Can you hear me bleeding
Upon a washed out shore?
When I don’t raise my head
Can’t take it anymore?

Can you hear me dying
As I walk from the light?
When I’m alone and cold
Abandoned in my plight?

Can you hear me whisper
that I will try again?
That I don’t need you now
I can be my own friend.


Sometimes a line pops up into my head before I know what it means. I always feel like the line has some significance that it's just waiting for me to discover. In this case, it was 'Can you hear me drowning?' Another one that I'm still trying to figure out is 'Maybe we hold onto things we should let go of as it's the only way we can find our way home.' I guess as I usually don't get songs stuck in my brain as much, my mind decided it would throw words, phrases, and stories in as my brain's elevator music.

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