Sunday, January 22, 2012

Grown Up

A poem I wrote for my always youthful mother on her fiftieth birthday-

We put on different faces
We trade up our toys
We pack our hearts in cases
We forget about our joys

They say, "Grow up, grow better."
"Growing's how we learn."
Growing up makes tears wetter
Still, we all grow up in turn

We will hide ourselves within
'Cause we are grown up
Laughing, smiling is a sin
You're no longer a young pup

Not you, never ever you
You dance as you go
Chuckling, grinning, singing too
Lyrics you don't even know

You glide by on bright sunshine
Savoring each day
You take each glee as a sign
Saying you live life okay

Bubbly laugh, never a fear
Perfect every day
No suits or irksome career
It's with happiness you play

Growing up's overrated
Emotions need no lid
"You can grow up," you've stated
"But I want to stay a kid."

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