Sunday, January 22, 2012

Forest Night

Cool air. Quiet hush.

The trees, my only companions.

Even the stars hide their faces on such a dark night

Quiet breeze. Cool leaves.

Twigs snap beneath me

The moon sleeps while the creatures creep.

Heavy silence. Subtle fog.

I am not alone

My eyes strain against the blackness

Subtle breath. Heavy glare.

Pupils dig into my neck

It watches me, not so far away

Swift feet. Desperate leap.

Legs fly heedless into the dark

It follows, it follows

Desperate race. Swift shadow.

Daggers into side as I gasp

I cannot last, it can

Quiet specter. Cool grasp.

Pearly daggers upon my neck

Life slinks away, admitting defeat.

Cool air. Quiet hush.

A fox drags the rabbit into the underbrush.

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