Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Those Gray Doors

There is a castle by the sea
And its gray doors I’ll never see
Long it’s been since they fled from me
And I now fear I’ve lost the key

Across the glinting sands like jewels
Amongst the crystal clear blue pools
And where the salt breeze whisper cools
Lay those gray doors of happy fools

Time and fortune did strip me from
That merry place of bells and drum
Where singers serenade to dumb
Where those gray doors have left me numb

It slipped from eye and fled so fast
As if it were some story past
And as if some dark spell was cast
Without those gray doors, the pains last

And once without, not once within
A once pure soul now plagued with sin
A dirty chest holds now to chin
My back to those gray doors and kin

And with time past my memories fade
As dew drops in a sunny glade
Bright visions sully as I wade
But those gray doors have always stayed

And I return to open sea
Where land or home I will not see
For those gray doors do call to me
A siren’s song without a key

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