Friday, September 28, 2012


I pick myself from broken pieces
Crushed upon a stony shore
I wait until the trembling ceases
Build all over but once more

With heartstrings thread through fractured faces
Friends stuck on with bits of glue
And ideals act as struts and braces
Hammered strong in forges blue

I mold a heart with discarded wax
Plucked from molten, hallowed past
With a careful eye, I fill the cracks
Wishing that this one may last

I then smooth and sand the edges down
Let the bitter fade to dust
I reshape my former, once loved frown
Now reemerge, free of rust

I am patchwork of worn and faded
A new cobbled from the old
An automaton not yet jaded
Butterfly whose wings unfold

Even when I am lost in fracture
When I feel I cannot cope
I can always rebuild my stature
I will never lose my hope

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